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Fortnightly Cotton Guru Newsletter 18th April 2014

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Cotton expenses sheet

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Hello Friends, In Cotton market, MSP (Minimum Support Price) is 3700/Qtl.Is it ok or not? What is your total expenditure for cotton farming?
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You can send your expenses sheet on
Sr.No. Particulars Farmer Practice Plants/acre 
1) Soil Testing In Rs. 
2) Cost of FYM In Rs. 
3) Seed In Rs. 
4) Sowing In Rs.
5) Fertilizers In Rs. 
6) Herbicides In Rs 
7) Plant Protection In Rs.
8) Weeding & Inter Cultivation In Rs. 
9) Irrigation In Rs. 
10) Growth Regulators In Rs. 
11) Micro Nutrients In Rs. 
12) Cost of Picking In Rs. 
Total Expenditure In Rs.

1) Expected Yield in Qtls/acre In Rs. 
2) Expected Rate/ Qtls in Rs In Rs.
3) Expected Production of bales In Rs.
4) Gross Income in Rs In Rs. 
Net Income / Acre In Rs.