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Arrivals as on 28/08/17 is about 0.02 lakh bales.
1) MCX
Oct: 18530 (-50)
Nov: 18040 (-100)
Dec: 17980 (-110)

2) China: State Reserve Auction

Reserve cotton turnover of 29,500 tons of all transactions (8.28) August 28, 2017

China Cotton Information Network News Bulletin August 28 cotton reserves to round out the sales resources 29536.368 tons, the actual turnover of 29,536.368 tons, the turnover rate was 100.00%. The highest transaction price of 15910 yuan / ton (2012 Xinjiang cotton), the lowest transaction price of 13,400 yuan / ton (2011 real estate cotton). The average transaction price of 14526 yuan / ton (compared with the previous day price rose 450 yuan / ton);

Number of textile entrepreneurs: 59.09%, non-textile enterprises accounted for 40.91%.

March 6, 2017 to August 28, the cumulative output of cotton stocks accounted for 257.19 million tons, turnover rate of 69.72%.


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