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Arrivals as on 18/08/17 is about 0.02 lakh bales.
Market: Steady
1) CAB Balance sheet for 2016- 17 ( Meeting 18th August 2017)
Opening 36:44.
Crop :. 345:00
Imp.:. 26:00
Expo.:. 60:00
Consu.: 311.50
Stock :. 035.94

2) Telangana Announces Textile and Apparel Incentive Scheme:

1) Capital subsidy of 25% will be provided for conventional textile industries and 35% for technical textiles.

2) Capital incentive of 20% of cost of plant and machinery up to Rs 5 crore per unit will be provided to existing units for modernisation and adoption of advanced technologies.

3) Power subsidy ranging from Rs 1-2 per unit will be provided depending on the size of each industry up to five years.

4) The government will reimburse 100 per cent of stamp duty paid for land purchase or lease.

5) GST collected on end product within value chain, will be reimbursed 100% for a period of seven years.

6) The incentives will be applicable for both new industries as well as existing units for the next five years.


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