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Cotton and Textile Industry

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Dear friends in cotton and textile industry,

The oath taking ceremony is over and now is the time for the new government to get down to the business. There are high expectations everywhere, but what is more important now is that the economy needs urgent attention and nourishment. It is in a mess for quite some time now and the newly sworn-in government has to set it right. The economic policies and the forthcoming budget to be unveiled in the next two-three months will have significant implications on the fate of the cotton and textile industry.

So, how to start with?

We can start with sharing our ideas,opinions and giving practical suggestions for the mutual befit of the industry and national economy.

I invite your opinion.

Q.1) Right now which type of problems are faced by cotton industry of  India?

 Q.2)On the basis of current situation, what will be the challenges faced by new Govt?Q.3)Being in the textile industry, what are your  expectations from new Govt.?
Q.4) What will be the new opportunities for cotton & textile industry provided  the new Govt of India takes positive steps on your suggestions?
Q.5) Can new Govt. will be successfully implement new policies for
cotton textile industry?
Yes/ No, Why?Kindly share your valuable opinions so that we can forward to the concerned authority.


CottonGuru’s Fortnightly Newsletter 15th May 2014

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